Simple Recurring Payments

About us

Who am I?

I'm Heath Logan Campbell, I'm currently a university student studying computer science and infomational systems in Auckland, New Zealand. I have always wanted to have my own web app that is used by 100s of people, so that I can improve their lives by a tad.

Why a Recurring payment app?

So I have tried building a few mini apps for the last few weeks and I always found adding a subscription system was the most annoying part, because stripe and paypal don't make it easy. I just wanted a solution where I can paste in 2 lines of code and It'll just work. So here is my solution, Subscribeful.


First off, I want to validate the product idea that people are interested in the idea, I will do this by posting on a number of sites. This will also be a good time to get back feed back on design and layout.

Secondly, We will redesign the website until we are happy with the number of people who are signed up.

Thirdly, We will start developing the app its self, giving a handful of people to test it out before we fully launch it.

Fourthly, We will expand to offer more services, so that people get more value for their money.